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5640 E. Taft Rd. #2821                                        3104 E. Camelback Rd #527
Syracuse NY 13220                                              Phoenix AZ 85106
315.401.4094                                                        602.376.5522

Apartment medic is an excellent company. The stress level in my life has gone way down since I
began using them.

It's a pleasure to work with someone who has such a strong work ethic and drive to succeed as
Eric does. He understands well that our mutual success (Apartment Medic's and landlords')
depends on one another. They really do take the hassle out of being a landlord.

My landlord just starting using this company and it was a great decision on his part. Eric came
over to help us with a rodent problem, he walked us through what he was doing, the product he
was using to remove the rodents and was incredibly friendly. I made sure my landlord knew
immediately that Eric was helpful and will recommend them to others!

When i was too busy to take care of my properties like I wanted to I called Eric. Before meeting
Eric i had a negative impression about most "management companies" Apartment Medic is not
here to take all your profit and make cheap repairs. Their attitude and professionalism has lead to
me quickly trusting him to take care of jobs without me having to hover over people, check hours
and constantly check in with workers which
I was I had to do before Apartment medic. I spent
more time energy and money before Apartment Medic. Looking forward to a bright business
relationship in the future!

Eric and the team at Apartment Medic are nothing short of fantastic. Any time we had an issue
they were there the same day, or following day to fix it. Eric was always reachable by text, which
was a great convenience. They were by far the best property management company I've ever
dealt with!

Had a bit of a plumbing problem last night around 8:30. Called up Eric and he was there within 20
minutes. Had me all fixed in less than a half hour. Service like this just doesn't exist anymore. I
won't hesitate to call again! Thanks man!

Great job and less than 1/3 the price of the plumber that did the same job for me last month.
Definitely will use Apartment Medic for future jobs

The AM team is inside more apartments than anyone in Syracuse. Eric has become my primary
resource for his judgement and ability to deliver. The result is a better maintained property and a
consistent connection with our tenants

Apartment Medic has been absolutely amazing! I've been a tenant for six months and whenever I
call them they respond the same day sometimes within an hour. The best part of renting is not having to worry about taking care of repairs yourself. I'm not a very handy person and it puts my
mind at ease knowing that someone who knows what they're doing is looking out for me. 10/10
would recommend!

Apartment Medic is the most professional property management company in the City of Syracuse.
Prompt responses, friendly service, and pride in the quality of their work proves the high standard
of service they provide property owners and tenants. I would completely recommend Apartment
Medic to everyone.

Great crew!

Worked together for over a year, no problems. Does what he says and is not afraid to give bad
news. Very pleased with him as are my tenants. 

Managed to lock myself out of my house with no key to my deadbolt. Apartment medic was over
within 30 mins to drill mine out and install a new one! Honestly the best service I've come across!
Fast and friendly! Thanks again!!!!

Always there for me when I am in a jam with one of my properties (which happens every time I
leave town) and they never have taken advantage of situation due to its urgency. I wish they also
operated in Buffalo, NY (hint, hint)

The best company I have ever worked with. A true master of the craft! Strong work!

Very easy to deal with. Down to earth person to express needs to.

I called Apartment Medic for a quote. I was very pleased with the great customer service and
attention to detail. I will be looking forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Was ready to move, frustrated with lack of communication and timely response to issues.
Apartment Medic took over my complex about a year ago and it has been great. Just entered my
3rd year lease, and it's 100% due to their management.

Reliable, dependable, punctual. A good company to do business with.

Very respectful and professional . I highly recommend this company. Always does an outstanding
job and takes pride in his work. Thank You!!!

Evictions? Capital Improvements? Rehabs? C of C? Code Enforcement?    WE CAN HELP!

We take the hassle out of being a landlord!