Property Management Services, Consulting & Training

Real Estate Services

Property "Shops"

We can "Shop" your property to ensure Fair Housing Compliance and more.

Property Branding/ Marketing

We can develop and execute a plan to help build a positive brand image for your property.

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Property Inspections

This service is perfect for out of town Real Estate Investors who need a 3rd party to check on their property or check up on their property manager.

$100 - Per Building for the first hour of inspection. This includes exterior general property, basement, and commons area if accessible. 

 $45 per unit inspected if requested. 

Risk Management

We provide a fresh set of eyes on your property, to look high and low for safety risks. We then work with your staff to find cost effective solutions.

We take the hassle out of being a landlord! 

​Apartment Medic
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