We take the hassle out of being a landlord!


Our consulting services are tailored to the needs of the individual property.

Every multi-family or senior community presents unique challenges and opportunities. We concentrate on solving your specific problems, not implementing “cookie-cutter” plans.  We support you and your team through the problem-solving process and implementing the changes that need to happen to achieve success!

Our Services Include

Property Assessment 
Operations Assessments to increase income and decrease expenses
Housing program compliance, auditing and training
Human Resources consulting and training
Oversite and implementation of marketing plan, outreach plan, resident retention plan and operations plan
Site specific marketing & outreach training and plan development
Asset Management
Individual and Team Development
Leadership Coaching
Community Branding
Resident Retention 
Marketing & Market Assessments
Rapport & Relationship Building
Increasing Resident Retention
Mystery Leasing & Fair Housing Shops
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans
Resident Selection Criteria Development
Developing effective Resident Retention Plans
Maintenance consulting & training

One-on-One and Group Training
Individual and Team Development
Individual and Group Coaching
Outreach Training
Community Branding
Market Analysis
Outselling the Competition
Proper Telephone Techniques
Converting Calls to Visits
Increasing Closing Ratios
Overcoming Objections
Rapport & Relationship Building
Effective Follow-Up
Closing Techniques
Increasing Resident Retention
Creating Effective Plans
Resident Event Planning
Lost Leads Analysis
Advertising Analysis
Mystery Shops
Property Repositioning
Fair Housing Compliance Training
Customer Service Training
Creating Affirmative Fair Housing Plans
Resident Selection Criteria Development
Developing Effective Resident Retention Plans
                                                                                                  ...And so much more!